Quality data is recorded directly on the mobile device. Data does not need to be digitized anymore and is stored safe. In addition, engineers can no longer overlook checks or loose maintenance reports. That provides efficiency and safety.
Offline Mode
Testify is constantly being developed and improved. At the current stage of development, issues can be recorded and worked on offline. In the future, all functions will be available offline on mobile device. This allows to use Testify even in remote parts of the building without WLAN or Internet reception. The data is first stored locally and then later synchronized.
Inter-Corporate Collaboration
Well-maintained, practical checklists support efficient work processes. Checklists can be easily customized to make findings accessible to all employees across locations. Recorded routines help new employees to get around faster.
Checklists can be created in any number of language versions, while the checklist in the background always remains the same: They can be used at different locations across borders, while all collected data is stored centrally to be analysed.

These Features facilitate your work.

Flexible Checklist Creation
You can create checklists with our modular system in a very flexible way: virtually every paper checklist or instruction can be reproduced digitally. In addition, test objects can be equipped with barcodes to make the identification of checklists easier. This way, Auditors will always have the right checklist at hand.
Multimedia Documentation
Not only helps an accurate and consistent documentation of all work steps to avoid mistakes, but also enables engineers to localize any defects later. Testify can also include photos in the documentation, besides text and other measured values.
Integration of Plans and Manuals
Checklists not only support quality control, but also have manual character. That's why you can easily add construction drawings or other plans to our digital checklist. That way, required knowledge for testing or specific work steps are available at any time.

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