Testify emphases a simple, user-friendly interface. Checklists can be created in any language, while the background checklist always remains the same. This increases the service quality and reduces required training time.
Plans and Photos
Maintenance and cleaning staff can be supported with checklists, including photos and plans. Likewise, any special orders or complaints can be documented with Testify. Both contribute to ensure a consistently high level of quality.
Quality data is recorded on the mobile device. Data does not need to be digitized anymore and is stored safe. In addition, staff can no longer overlook checks or loose maintenance reports. That provides efficiency and safety.
Issue Recording
Issues are collected and documented directly on the mobile device, including photos. Assigned users get a notification in Testify about the recorded task. All necessary information for the reparation is transferred in real time. The whole process is transparent and efficient.

These Features facilitate your work.

Flexible Checklist Creation
You can create checklists with our modular system in a very flexible way: virtually every paper checklist or instruction can be reproduced digitally. In addition, test objects can be equipped with barcodes to make the identification of checklists easier. This way, Auditors will always have the right checklist at hand.
Digital Audit Report as PDF
After completing a maintenance, an individualized test report is automatically created. This report is available as PDF file in a standard and a compact version. The test report can be downloaded at any time including documented photos or sent by e-mail, if required.
Issue Assignment
Issues must not only be recorded, but also repaired. To make this work smoothly, you can assign tasks directly to a responsible person or group in Testify. All recorded information is available in real time on mobile devices and can be queried via commentary.

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