Mobile Data Collection
Quality data is recorded directly on the mobile device. Data does not need to be digitized anymore and is stored safe in the cloud. In addition, staff can no longer overlook checks or loose maintenance reports. That enables efficient and safe product checks.
Task Management
Recorded issues (for example as part of the incoming goods inspection) can be documented as tasks in Testify directly. Additional information, such as the exact location of the issue or a photo, will help with the rectification. A photo can also serve as evidence for any claims. The direct task assignment to the responsible engineer, makes the process efficient and comprehensible.
Inter-Corporate Collaboration
Collected data is stored centrally in the cloud as it is getting captured. Thus, responsible management staff can comprehend the location and status of all checks, at any time. Employees can collaborate in real time across teams, locations and even companies.
Digital Audit Report
After completing a checklist, an individualized audit report is automatically created. This report is available as PDF file in a standard and a compact version. If required, the audit report can be downloaded at any time including documented photos or sent by e-mail.

These Features facilitate your work.

Inter-Corporate Issue Assignment
Issues that are recorded (for example, in the course of incoming and outgoing inspections) can be forwarded directly in the App - to internal colleagues or partner companies. The assignment is done digitally in the App. The assigned person is informed about it via push notification.
Flexible Checklist Creation
You can create checklists with our modular system in a very flexible way: virtually every paper checklist can be reproduced digitally. In addition, test objects can be equipped with barcodes to make the identification of checklists easier. This way, Auditors will always have the right checklist at hand.
Real Time Analysis
Collected quality information can be accessed at any time. The integrated evaluation tool gives an overview of accumulations in issues. The search function allows to find past test results for certain objects very quickly. With the digitally collected data, sustainable improvements of products and processes can be achieved.

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