Digital Checklists
You can edit digital checklists directly in the editor on smartphone or tablet. This way, you have always the right checklist at hand. In addition, digital checklists do not need to be printed any longer. That saves time and money.
Mobile Issue Recording
Issues are collected and documented directly on the mobile device, including photos of the issue. Assigned users get a notification in Testify about the recorded Issue. All necessary information to fix the issue is transferred in real time. The whole process is transparent and efficient.
Real Time Analysis
The integrated dashboard provides an overview of ongoing checks and detected issues at any time. All data is saved structured to allow in-depth analysis and exportation in third-party systems, if required. With the digitally collected data, sustainable improvements of products and processes can be achieved.
Open Interface
The recorded quality data can be exported via API. Testify or its implementation partners support you with individual programming services, if required. The rate for this service will be below industry average, for your first implementation.

These Features facilitate your work.

Detected issues are captured and assigned intuitively on the mobile device. Documentation including comments and pictures support the issue editor greatly. Collected information is stored audit-proof: Issues and all related activities are stored in the issue history.
Flexible Checklists
You can create checklists with our modular system in a very flexible way: virtually every paper checklist can be reproduced digitally. That makes Testify interesting for a variety of applications. Checklists can also be adapted independently of the device used to meet current conditions.
Sensor and Machine Data
Our team has comprehensive experience in industry-related software development. Thus, we can easily integrate sensor and machine data, as well as automated test benches into the test process (see success story "Vehicle construction at Bombardier Transportation"). The results are significant efficiency gains and more secure quality control measures.

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