No Paperwork
The digital support of maintenance workers saves a lot of time, as well as printing and storage costs: information is collected online and does not require extensive digitization. In addition, maintenance staff can no longer overlook checks or loose maintenance reports.
Intuitive Handling
A user-friendly interface is of great importance to us. Therefore, Testify is easy to use, no matter which device you are using. The interface is designed to be intuitive, which allows new users to learn to use the software independently. That saves time and training effort.
Multimedia Instruction
The maintenance engineer is supported with additional information such as pictures and documents in the right place. In addition, test objects can be equipped with barcodes to make the identification of checklists easier. This way, Auditors will always have the right checklist at hand.
Collected data is stored audit-proof in the database and is available at any time. Maintenance activities are therefore comprehensible even years ago. Manipulation-protected digital maintenance reports can be created and exported at all times.

These Features facilitate your work.

Integrated Issue Recording
Issues are either recorded directly during reviews, or independently. (for example, in terms of CIP processes). The data to be entered can be customized for each object. This way, all relevant information is recorded, including pictures. The comment function is used for further questions.
Issue Assignment
Issues must not only be recorded, but also repaired. To make this work smoothly, you can assign tasks directly to a responsible person or group in Testify. All recorded information is available in real time on mobile devices and can even be accessed offline. Queries are supported via the commentary function.
Digital Audit Report as PDF
After completing a maintenance, an individualized test report is automatically created. This report is available as PDF file in a standard and a compact version. The test report can be downloaded at any time including documented photos or sent by e-mail, if required.

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