Flexible Checklists
You can create checklists with our modular system in a very flexible way: virtually every fire protection audit can be reproduced digitally (even without special IT skills). Checklists can also be adapted independently of the device used to meet current conditions.
Integrated Task Management
Issues that are collected during fire inspections, can be recorded as directly in Testify. Additional information, such as the exact location or a photo, will help with the rectification. Direct task assignment makes the fixing process efficient and traceable.
Revision Safety
Collected data of fire protection audits is stored audit-proof and is available at any time. That provides evidence in case of fire or external inspections: Manipulation-protected digital audit reports can be created and exported.
Photos can be taken and even requested specifically during inspections. This photo documentation helps to record the condition of relevant fire protection systems comprehensibly in the long term. In addition, test objects can be equipped with barcodes to make the identification of checklists easier. This way, Auditors will always use the right checklist.

These Features facilitate your work.

Digital Audit Report as PDF
After completing a checklist, an individualized test report is automatically created. This report is available as PDF file in a standard and a compact version. The test report can be downloaded at any time including documented photos or sent by e-mail, if required.
Issue Assignment
Issues must not only be recorded, but also repaired. To make this work smoothly, you can assign tasks directly to a responsible person or group in Testify. All recorded information is available in real time on mobile devices and can be queried via the commentary function.
Offline Mode
Testify is constantly being developed and improved. At the current stage of development, issues can be recorded and worked on offline. In the future, all functions will be available offline on mobile device. This allows to use Testify even in remote parts of the building without WLAN or Internet reception. The data is first stored locally and then later synchronized.

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